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Senate Panel Approves Energy Secretary Nominee, Energy Bills

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Nov. 19 moved along three Trump administration nominees: Dan Brouillette, tapped for Energy Secretary; James Danly, to serve on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; and Katharine MacGregor, picked as deputy secretary for the Interior Department.

USC Student-Patients Want $215 Million Sex Abuse Pact Ok’d

Patients alleging the University of Southern California did nothing to stop a doctor who sexually abused them at an on-campus medical clinic are urging a federal court in California to grant final approval to a $215 million class action settlement.

Volkswagen Accused of Anticompetitive Behavior in New Suit

Volkswagen AG and its American subsidiary were hit with a lawsuit in Michigan federal court Nov. 18 by automotive parts supplier Prevent Group, which accuses the auto giant of anti-competitive behavior aimed at stopping Prevent from acquiring smaller suppliers.

PFAS: The 'Forever Chemicals'

97% of Americans have a detectable amount of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in their blood, but we don’t yet know all of their health effects. The EPA says more than 600 PFAS chemicals are in the marketplace in the U.S., and the OECD says there could be 5,000 types worldwide. States are racing to regulate PFAS, while the federal government lags.

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