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Alphabet Beats Analysts’ Estimates on Surge of Retail Ads (3)

Google delivered turbocharged sales growth in the past quarter, underscoring its status as the world’s most potent advertising engine. The internet giant took advantage of an uneven pandemic reopening, catering to homebound users spending more time on screens as well as consumers venturing out to shop and travel.

Sorrento Therapeutics Sued by Investor Over Covid-19 Cure Claims

A Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. investor sued its CEO in Delaware on Tuesday, accusing the company of dealing with a cash crunch last year by selling $67 million worth of stock at inflated prices while hyping the “outlandish claim” that one of its experimental treatments could cure Covid-19.

Did Big Tech Get Too Big? U.S. Crackdown Seeks Answer: QuickTake

The rise of global technology superstars Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google created new challenges for the competition watchdogs who enforce antitrust laws. An anti-monopoly crackdown that began under President Donald Trump is continuing under President Joe Biden, who has surrounded himselfwith outspoken advocates for vigorous antitrust enforcement against U.S. tech companies.

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