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While Coinbase Savors Listing, Bitcoin Die-Hards Voice Disdain

Coinbase Global Inc.’s trading debut ushered in a new era for cryptocurrencies on Wall Street, bringing the oft-mocked asset class closer to mainstream acceptance. But that’s just the sort of attention that generates outrage among a small, disgruntled cohort of the Bitcoin community.

Live Well Financial CEO Used Lenders ‘Like an ATM’ U.S. Says (1)

The chief executive officer of defunct reverse mortgage provider Live Well Financial Inc. used lenders “like an ATM,” enriching himself by borrowing against bonds whose value he conspired to inflate by more than $200 million, prosecutors said at the start of Michael C. Hild’s fraud trial.

Fed, Treasury Officials to Back Federal Law for Libor Transition

U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve officials are in favor of federal legislation to clear up legal uncertainty caused by the transition away from the Libor benchmark indexes, according to testimony prepared for delivery at a Thursday hearing in Congress.

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