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Trump Labor Board Closes Ethics Audit, Revises Conflicts Rules

Federal labor board members can insist on participating in cases they have been asked to sit out because of conflicts concerns, even if the agency’s ethics officer or the federal government’s ethics watchdog determine members should recuse themselves, according to a long-awaited review of the board’s recusal process.

Dollar General Settles Employment Race Bias Suit for $6 Million

Dollar General Corp. has agreed to pay $6 million to resolve a long-running discrimination suit brought by the EEOC over the national retailer’s use of a criminal background check policy that allegedly discriminated against black applicants and employees.

Agency Workers Stage Protest Against Labor Board Actions

The federal agency responsible for protecting private sector workers’ union rights is engaging in union busting against its own employees, according to career staffers staging a protest at National Labor Relations Board headquarters Nov. 18.

Beef Up Hiring of Military Spouses, Federal Agencies Urged

Making it easier for military spouses to find jobs is “a national security issue” that should be a top priority for federal agencies, Sara Egeland, deputy assistant to the vice president and policy director to the second lady, said Nov. 18.

The H-1B Visa: A Brief History From Truman to Trump

The history of the H-1B visa from its origins in 1952, when Harry S. Truman was president, to the major developments since Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American” executive order.

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