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Case: Discrimination/Hostile Work Environment (N.D. Ill.)

Nov. 18, 2019, 8:25 PM

A white, Catholic male fired “relationship manager” for a brokerage company in Illinois may proceed with his claim that he was subjected to a hostile work environment because of his race, sex, and religion. His allegations, such as that his black female supervisor repeatedly used racial slurs—including multiple uses of the word “cracker"—and questioned his Catholic faith on numerous occasions because she felt that “all catholic priests are child predators,” could show that the misconduct was sufficiently pervasive and severe enough to negativity impact his working conditions. The case is White v. Fid. Brokerage Servs., LLC, 2019 BL 441768, N.D. Ill., 19-cv-00582, 11/15/19

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