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Corporate Tax Hike Gets a Thumbs-Up in Poll: Stimulus Update

A new poll showed a majority of Americans support President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure and spending plan -- if it’s funded by higher taxes on corporations. A senior Republican said a group of senators is in the “early stages” of discussing a potential counterproposal that would be more narrowly focused and less expensive.

Fed, Treasury Officials to Back Federal Law for Libor Transition

U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve officials are in favor of federal legislation to clear up legal uncertainty caused by the transition away from the Libor benchmark indexes, according to testimony prepared for delivery at a Thursday hearing in Congress.

Five Tax Tips Too Good to Be True – And Why They're Not

The internet is full of advice on how to save money on your taxes. However, a lot of that advice is misleading or flat out wrong. To help set the record straight, we've enlisted Taxgirl to debunk five common tax myths and clarify some of the changes brought about by the pandemic.

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