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Rush to Pass Virus Aid Bolsters Clout of Capitol Hill Leadership

The lead-up to the most recent coronavirus relief package didn’t include committee hearings, time for extensive reviews by lawmakers, or lengthy floor debates. A handful of top House and Senate leaders patched together the $2 trillion measure behind the scenes and presented it to their rank-and-file as a done deal.

Treasury IG Report on Trump Tax Returns Sent to Congress: Hill

Treasury Dept’s Inspector General report on departments’ handling of House Democrats’ request for President Trump’s tax returns has been sent to House Ways and Means Committee’s chairman and top Republican, the Hill reports citing an email from Deputy Inspector General Richard Delmar.

Utah Sales Tax Deadlines Must Wait for Legislative Action

Utah won’t alter its sales tax deadlines until the Legislature is able to discuss the crisis. Meanwhile, Nebraska continues to mull property-tax relief, and Illinois detailed plans to give distillers tax deductions on alcohol for making hand sanitizer. Here’s the latest on shifting state tax guidelines, deadlines, and policy to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. For Tuesday’s coverage click here. Here’s a state-by-state roadmap.

McConnell Moves on Quick Aid Vote While Pelosi Urges More Cash

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pressed ahead with his plan for a quick vote Thursday on a $250 billion boost in a small business aid program, putting him at odds with the two top Democrats in Congress who want to double the size of an interim stimulus package.

Opportunity Zones: Will Tax Break for Investors Benefit Communities Too?

The 2017 tax overhaul included incentives to invest in distressed communities. Investors benefit from tax breaks and the designated opportunity zones benefit from economic investment, but critics say already-wealthy investors don’t need these breaks.

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