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Delayed New Efficiency Standards Draw Energy Department Suit

The Department of Energy’s failure to update energy efficiency standards for several consumer and commercial products is causing increased air pollution and higher energy bills for users of those products, environmental groups say in a lawsuit filed Friday in a New York federal court.

Marine Diving Beats Challenge to $36 Million Hoover Dam Contract

Unico Mechanical Corp. failed to show the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation erred in awarding Marine Diving Solutions LLC a $36 million contract to replace intake tower cylinder gate assemblies at Hoover Dam, the GAO said in a decision released Friday.

Portland General Electric Escapes Suit Over $127 Million Loss

Portland General Electric Co. will avoid one lawsuit over its energy trading practices that allegedly lead to a $127 million loss, according to a filing in an Oregon federal court, but the company still faces two federal class suits filed by investors.

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Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses

Covid-19 has legal teams exploring whether to turn to a rarely tested section of their contracts: the force majeure, or act of god, clause.

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