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Former Synchronoss Exec Beats Part of Investor Revenue Suit

A former Synchronoss Technologies Ltd. executive won’t have to face part of a would-be class action accusing the company of misleading investors through purportedly fraudulent revenue booking, a New Jersey federal district judge said Friday.

TAX VIRUS BRIEFING: Small-Business Bill Gains, No New Money Talk

Expansion of the in-demand but problem-plagued Paycheck Protection Program got a push toward extension in the House this week, with prospects for Senate action along similar lines to follow. A new big U.S. virus aid package is still many weeks off, though. And the European Commission floats the idea of new taxes as a way to pay pandemic debt.

Relief Aid Stalls With Small Businesses Returning Loans Unused

The $669 billion coronavirus relief loan program to keep 30 million U.S. small businesses afloat during the crippling pandemic has abruptly slowed. Created at the end of March as a stopgap to keep workers employed for eight weeks during a self-induced coma of the economy, the program known as PPP is about to outlive its own purpose.

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'Substantial Majority' of U.S. Listed Chinese Firms Committing Fraud: Carson Block

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