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ANALYSIS: Stealth Conn. Privacy Bill Nearly Slipped Past Radar

Connecticut’s Consumer Data Privacy Act, which closely resembles the law recently enacted in Virginia, was buried within an 837-page omnibus spending bill heading to the governor’s desk until a last-minute amendment struck it. Colorado remains next up to join the club of states with a comprehensive privacy law.

Experts’ Input on Hawaii Air Disaster Could Stay Confidential

The families of the victims of a Hawaii helicopter crash might not be entitled to see communications between the helicopter’s operator and manufacturers and the National Transportation Safety Board, because a Freedom of Information Act exemption could apply, a divided Fifth Circuit said.

U.S.-Russia Ransomware Cooperation Is Open Question After Summit

U.S. President Joe Biden‘s cybersecurity warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin that 16 kinds of critical infrastructure should be “off limits” to hacks is a promising development, but concrete plans are necessary to stem the rising tide of ransomware, attorneys and policy analysts say.

U.K. Privacy Chief Sounds Alarm Over Live Facial Recognition

Britain’s privacy chief issued a warning over the risks from facial recognition technology, saying people should be free to go shopping or walk around a town “without having our biometric data collected and analyzed with every step we take.”

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Telehealth Is Booming During Covid. Is it Here to Stay?

Millions of Americans have taken advantage of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic, so why has it taken so long for widespread adoption?

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