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Ex-NFL Player’s Lawyers Must Split Fee for Concussion Award

A law firm that successfully appealed the amount of an award granted to retired football player Billy Ray Smith Jr. in the NFL concussion claims process must split its fee evenly with the firm that initially represented him because the appeal built on its work, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled.

Amazon Appears to Settle Yet Another Product Injury Lawsuit

Amazon.com Inc. and a Georgia resident who says he was seriously injured in a fire started by a hoverboard told a federal court Friday they’ve agreed to dismiss the man’s suit, marking what appears to be the latest in a slew of product liability settlements over the last year.

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PFAS: The 'Forever Chemicals'

97% of Americans have a detectable amount of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in their blood, but we don’t yet know all of their health effects. The EPA says more than 600 PFAS chemicals are in the marketplace in the U.S. While states are racing to regulate PFAS, while the federal government lags.

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