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Video Game Patent Review Not Time-Barred, Fed. Cir. Says

A patent validity challenge at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board wasn’t time-barred because the petitioner was never properly served in a related infringement case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said Nov. 19.

Family Planning Grant Criteria Challenge Defeated by Payments

Planned Parenthood can’t appeal a decision rejecting its claim that new criteria for federal family planning grants are inconsistent with governing regulations and administrative rules because the government has already awarded the program funds, the District of Columbia Circuit said Nov. 19.

DUI Probationers Can Use Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Colorado defendants on probation for driving under the influence can use medical marijuana unless the state presents evidence a particular defendant shouldn’t use the substance while serving her sentence, the Colorado Supreme Court said Nov. 18.

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The Big Four Are a Looming Threat to Big Law

The Big Four accounting firms employ enough lawyers to rank among the largest law firms by headcount. As Bloomberg Law’s Sam Skolnik explains in this video, for law firms “there’s real reason to be concerned about the rise of the Big Four in the legal space.”

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