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ANALYSIS: EU Drug Pricing Settlement Shows Promising Approach

The European Union is concluding its first investigation into excessive pharmaceuticals pricing. But despite building up a case against Aspen Pharmaceuticals since May 2017, the EU has opted against an adverse finding and a fine in favor of accepting “commitments” from Aspen to change its practices. Given uncertainty in EU excessive pricing law, this might have been the best outcome.

A Conservative Judicial Star Faces a Right-Wing Litmus Test

In less than a year and a half since being appointed to the federal appeals court in Washington, Judge Neomi Rao has consistently sided with the White House in politically charged cases, fueling Supreme Court talk. If Rao were to get that nod, her biggest obstacle may be emerging on the right.

Juvenile’s Threat Conviction Based on Terrorist Chatroom Upheld

A seventeen-year-old’s statements in an Islamic State group chatroom, such as a claim that he would attack a nearby church if “Christians trigger him,” were sufficient to justify convicting him of making interstate threats, the Third Circuit affirmed Tuesday.

Grubhub Delivery Drivers Must Arbitrate Overtime Complaints

Drivers for the online meal delivery marketplace Grubhub will arbitrate claims over failure to pay overtime after a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday their work didn’t constitute interstate commerce, and wasn’t exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act.

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Qualified Immunity: Origins of a Police Liability Shield

The legal doctrine of qualified immunity shields public officials from civil liability. It was created by the U.S. Supreme Court and is in the spotlight with the national debate over police accountability.

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